Industrial Remodeling

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Project Type

1.We enlarge offices (No Worry, no money down. Work guaranteed.)
2.Partition rooms.
3. Install metal studs.
4. Add new lighting.
5. Paint and decorate. (Dry wall and metal studs.)
6. Install new flooring. (Tile or Epoxy.)
7.Add additional electric.
8.Plaster and drywall.

If you need any of these services don’t hesitate to call for a free no obligation estimate. Phone 847-639-2004.
Plant managers and supervisors given special consideration.


1. American Airlines.
2. McDonald’s.
3. Kobuta.
4. Marina Towers.
5. Sheltering Oaks, Nursing Home.
6. Presbyterian Home, Nursing Home.
7. Acme Machinery.
8. Wylers Foods.
9. Nabisco Foods.
10. Moishe Pippics Hot dogs.

11. Village of Wilmette.
12. Organic Food Corp
13. Ford Motor Company.
14. Guitar City.
15. Chicago Robotics
16. K Mart
17. Abbot Labs
18. Pfizer Chemicals
19. Ideal Realty
20. Chicago Abrasives.


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